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As a product junkie, as a content creator in general we tend to stock up on a plethora of items!! I mean from brand deals to products we purchase ourselves! I just wanted to share my tried and true brands that I go back to!

Natural Hair 

Tres Life- (a black-owned natural hair company) has pretty much every type of bundle you can think about from twists outs, braid outs, and wash n go's! My fave products from them are their Aloe Vera Leave-In and The Curl Definer Gel. (Use my coupon code: naturalasabby for 10% off)

 Beauty Of Rashida - another natural hair company (the best company in my opinion if you want to grow edges and retain natural hair length! ( 

 Eden Body Works- one of the most affordable natural hair brands in my opinion! They have so many lines, I cannot share from all since I've only tried their Coconut Shea Line.



Dickinson Witch Hazel Tonerone of my favorite face toners  I've used pretty much all from the Original or Rose Water. What I can say is it can work as a cleanser for your scalp when you are in a protective style.

Fresh Rose Face Mask- hands down, my TOP skincare mask! The price point for the smaller oz is $25, but it is worth every penny as it minimizes my pimples the next day! 


I've been working home for a year, and honestly getting my nails done at home has been therapeutic for me! One brand I am currently loving is IMethod Beauty This brand is vegan and has no harsh chemicals. I currently have the Artist Collection and love all the colors and you can find them on Amazon. I even have a coupon code for you if you purchase any item from them via Amazon use ABBY10of (yes of, not off)

Check out my video on the brand:

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